S1 E7: Sam Ryder

Sam Ryder is an English singer, songwriter, producer, composer and social media personality. He rose to prominence in 2020, after posting music covers on TikTok, during the first UK lockdown.

His breakthrough came after he represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with his bombastic Space Man entry, finishing first in the jury vote and second overall in the contest, after Ukraine (not Croatia as I say in the intro. If you picked up on that error, well done you!).

Recorded live at Vegan Camp Out, Sam discusses with Faye how he draws inspiration from vegans such as Lewis Hamilton, who are at the top of their professional fields. He also discusses the importance of not telling people what to do but leading by example. Right on!

In this conversation, Sam and Faye also discuss:

  • Getting into music via a love of Canadian rock band Sum 41
  • How he became vegan
  • The health food shop he opened with his partner
  • The importance of being non-judgemental
  • The importance of being true to yourself and respecting people’s life choices
  • His initial hatred of HIIT workouts and how he has grown to love them

Sam mentions how due to health issues, some people are unsure about going vegan, we have a full list of resources available here to help anyone who needs reassurance, advice or guidance over at Viva! Health.

We also recommend Balanced Vegan which provides an overview of what a healthy vegan diet looks like, what the experts say, why plant foods are good for us and why animal foods harm.

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