S1 E2: Romesh Ranganathan

Sunday Times Bestseller, actor, writer, TV presenter and multi award-winning comedian Romesh Ranganathan talks about being “unfunny” and proudly vegan.

Romesh sits down with Faye before his headline appearance at 2023’s Vegan Camp Out for a candid chat about his decade-long vegan journey, including why people direct anger at vegans and can’t perceive them as being funny. He also discusses his love of The Great British Bake Off and the importance of raising more awareness about the horrors of the dairy industry.

In this conversation Faye and Romesh also discuss topics, such as:

  • Fears around identity
  • People’s expectations around being funny
  • The horrors of the meat and dairy industry
  • Moralistic sacrifices
  • Why can’t mainstream vegan cheese melt?
  • The surprising lack of backlash from The Great British Bake Off
  • Why there needs to be an amnesty around meat-eaters and vegans
  • The joy of Harvester and Toby Carvery restaurants offering vegan options

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