October 2022: Hogwood: a modern horror story – Special Feature

Episode: 19

Welcome to this special feature, brought to you by leading vegan campaigning charity, Viva!. In this episode presenters Juliet Gellatley and Tony Wardle discuss the Viva! documentary Hogwood: a modern horror story.

The long-awaited documentary was released on Netflix on October 15 and has been gaining unprecedented attention across the internet ever since. This 30-minute exposé is directed by Tony Wardle and produced by Juliet Gellatley.

Hogwood was created to showcase the true reality of factory farming in the UK, and the devastating suffering inflicted on animals. It shines a light on the vile practices of the UK meat and dairy industries that are destroying the planet.

The two recount the undercover investigations, what it was like to film the documentary and why it is a must-see for anyone who believes that we have some of the best animal welfare standards in the world.


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