January 2022: Viva! Vegan Podcast

Episode: 63

The Viva! Vegan Podcast, JanuaryEpisode #63: Matthew Glover – founder of VeganuaryKicking off January 2022 – or Veganuary 2022 – we interview campaign founder, Matthew Glover.Veganuary started in 2014 with just a few thousand sign-ups, it is now one of the world’s biggest vegan campaigns, this year attracting participation from an estimated 600,000 people!Matthew shares his story with Helen, from finding veganism, establishing Veganuary and launching the incredible Million Dollar Vegan project.He heads up an investment management firm supporting vegan business, Veg Captial, and the delicious VFC (Vegan Fried Chicken) range now available in supermarkets.Taking part in Veganuary this year? – tune in to find out Matthew’s top tips for success!

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