February 2021: Viva! Vegan Podcast

Episode: 52

February’s podcast from Viva! – An inspirational story on going vegan, top vegan aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day, and all the latest vegan news and music.


  • Going Vegan? Get inspired by our conversation with author and vegan educator, Alan Twigg, as we find out how his book And Suddenly, Everything Changed, is helping change hearts and minds
  • We digest the “Eat Balanced” TV adverts and explain how they spread false and misleading information – and what you can do about it!

  • Spice up your Valentine’s with our top vegan aphrodisiacs and recipe ideas for a very vegan Valentine’s Day!
  • South west singer-songwriter Luke Howard chats with Gavin Chappell-Bates and we feature his latest track, Tension.

To celebrate the launch of their 100 Trees planting campaign, Reforest Hosting are offering 10% off web hosting to Viva! listeners with the code VIVA10. All you need to do is select a hosting package and type in the code “VIVA10” at checkout. Reforest Hosting will plant 100 trees for each new sign up. But that’s not all! They will plant five trees per month for as long as you’re signed up to them. That’s enough to carbon offset three websites!

This episode is also sponsored by Beer 52 who are offering Viva! supporters a FREE case of eight vegan craft beers. That is eight craft beers, free from any animal products, sourced and curated from the best breweries on the planet for FREE! (excl. delivery). Go to beer52.com/veganviva to find out more.

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