S2 E1: Emma Håkansson

In this episode, we are joined by Emma Håkansson, an incredible activist from Australia who is campaigning for the end of animal exploitation within the fashion industry while also reducing the toll fashion has on the environment and the people who work in the industry.

She founded her organisation, Collective Fashion Justice, to enable changes by educating future fashion minds, creating conversations with industry professionals and working towards legislative change.

Emma is the author of How Veganism Can Save Us, Total Ethics Fashion and the soon-to-be-released Sub-Human: A 21st-Century Ethic; on Animals, Collective Liberation, and Us All. She was also heavily involved in the production of Slay, the pioneering documentary that investigates fur, leather and wool, greenwashing and the impact that brands using animal skins have on people, the planet and animals.

In this eye-opening conversation, Emma sits down with hosts Issy and Rachel to discuss:

  • her vegan journey and how she got into activism, including the production of Slay
  • the fashion industry’s lack of transparency in material sourcing and the price animals pay for our fashion choices
  • the ethical conundrum of choosing which fabrics to wear in a world that glamorises the use of animal skins
  • debunking myths around the alleged sustainability of wearing animal products — and much more

Find out more about Emma here: emmahakansson.com.au

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