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I am a self-taught Artist and it is my hope that through my art and music I can help save more animals and create more vegans.

I’m Scottish and live with my rescue cat Harry, and my two dogs Zola and Mary rescued from the “kill” shelters in Romania.

Why I am vegan

For ethical reasons and a love of all animals, I became vegan three years ago, thanks to social media raising my awareness and showing me how being veggie for so long was actually adding to animal torture and cruelty.

How to raise money for Viva!

You can see more of my pictures on my Facebook page, Loretta Reid Quarrell, or contact me to discuss purchasing particular pieces, or commissions. I am happy to offer 30% of any sales to Viva!

What to do if you buy Loretta Reid Quarrell’s art 

To support the vibrant artistry of Loretta Reid Quarrell and contribute to Viva!, please follow these steps after your purchase:

  1. Firstly, communicate to Loretta Reid Quarrell that your discovery of their work was through the Viva! website.
  2. Next, complete the form provided below. It’s a simple process that facilitates the contribution.
  3. Upon completion, Viva! will graciously receive a 30% donation of the sale price from Loretta Reid Quarrell. Your patronage not only enriches your personal collection but also aids Viva! in its mission.


Contact details:

T: 07729195456

F: Loretta Reid Quarrell

Loretta Reid Quarrell Bengal Tiger
Loretta Reid Quarrell elephant
Loretta Reid Quarrell kittens in Cotton
Loretta Reid Quarrell kittens in Cotton
Loretta Reid Quarrell sunset

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