Calum Harris

Calum Harris

Self-taught, Insta-famous 1Calum Harris. Instagram Page. Available: [Accessed 30 August 2023]. cook known for his 20-minute (or less) meals and author of the cookbook The 20-Minute Vegan2Calum Harris. Cookbook on Amazon. Available: [Accessed 30 August 2023]..

In 2019, Calum Harris embarked on his journey of sharing vegan cuisine on Instagram, intending to bring the joy of uncomplicated plant-based meals to all.

Over time, he has cultivated an ardent community of over 250k followers, drawn by the allure of his straightforward and delicious dishes.

Calum’s magnetic charm and unwavering passion endeared him to fans, establishing him as a beloved contestant on Jamie Oliver’s show, The Great Cookbook Challenge.

He’s also labeled ‘the loud one’ of the vegan all-men group PlantBoiis,3PlantBoiis Instagram Page. Available: [Accessed 30 August 2023]. which in his own words are ‘a bunch of nearly 30 year olds on a mission to bridge the gap between vegans and masculinity.’

“Recipes you’ll eat and go…“oh that’s vegan?” And you end up eating the whole lot because it’s good for you.”4Calum Harris. Webpage. Available:’LL%20EAT%20AND,is%20a%20quote%20from%20me. [Accessed 30 August 2023].

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