Jeremy Corbyn

jeremy corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn has been vegetarian almost all of his adult life

Jeremy Corbyn became vegetarian at age 20. He is strongly opposed to vivisection, foie gras production and importation, fur farming, hunting, the badger cull and wild animals in circuses.

“One of the first set of questions I tabled after I was elected to Parliament in 1983 was about the use of animals in tobacco research experiments. I also campaigned against the use of primates in research, and I negotiated tougher regulations with ministers on how they are imported for use in research, and as pets, under the Animal Welfare Act. In this Parliament I will continue my lifelong opposition to hunting with dogs. I have also voted, spoken and campaigned for a ban on wild animals in circuses and I opposed the badger cull in the last Parliament. I was a childhood opponent of fox hunting growing up in Shropshire. Back then we had otter hunting, badger baiting and hare coursing. Gradually we got legislation to end all these awful practices. It was my old friend Tony Banks who finally got the badger as a protected species – I was quoted in the press calling it ‘A Good Day for Brock’ when it finally went through. I have supported the campaign against the dog meat trade, as well as campaigning to ban imports of foie gras.”

“As a vegetarian all my adult life, I have used my position in parliament to advocate for greater animal welfare protection.”

Jeremy Corbyn, MP

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