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Jodie Hughes Pig

I am a student from Worcester, and despite choosing a degree totally unrelated to art, I have always painted and loved making things. I’ve spent years experimenting with materials and subjects, but I always seemed to come back to acrylic paints and realism. After I finished AS level Fine Art at college, I used the freedom I had in choosing what to paint to hone in on what I felt I was best at – animals! There are many reasons why I love painting animals: I love getting the small details in, such as fur, creating texture with fine lines and a wide range of colour. I’ve always had pets, and I know that each animal has their own unique personality, so I love capturing this in my paintings. Painting is my way to relax and do something completely separate from uni work etc. I want to create unique custom pieces for people, as pets are more important to a person than they’re often given credit for. I don’t just paint pets though – I will happily paint any animal at all!

Why I am Vegan

I have been vegan since September 2017, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was in denial for a while about the impact that the dairy industry has on animals, telling myself that I was doing enough for them by being vegetarian. Eventually, after seeing a particularly horrifying video of what really happens in the egg industry, I realized I couldn’t keep lying to myself and I had to face the truth: animal suffering doesn’t just end when you stop eating meat. From then on I cut animal products out bit by bit and educated myself about why we really don’t need to exploit animals in any way.

Why I support Viva’s Art for Animals project

Viva! Is an amazing organization, and as an artist whose main focus is animals, I am thrilled to be involved in helping them help those who are often so exploited and hurt. If it wasn’t for organisations such as Viva! I know I would have struggled to find the right information to educate myself when becoming vegan. Viva! makes veganism so much more accessible, through fayres, recipes and general information, crushing the myth that veganism is a difficult thing to stick with.

What to do if you buy Jodie’s Art

1. Email quoting your Viva! membership number, or mention when filling out a request form at
2. Let us know the receipt number, date and total amount of purchase via email
3. Viva! will then receive 10 per cent of the sale price from Jodie

Contact Details:

Jodie Hughes Bee
Jodie Hughes Duck
Jodie Hughes Hairy Cow
Jodie Hughes Hedgehog
Jodie Hughes Owl
Jodie Hughes Pig
Jodie Hughes Black Snake
Jodie Hughes Cat
Jodie Hughes Elephant

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