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There are so many incredible vegan fish swaps out there now and most health food shops and supermarkets stock them. You can find something to suit every budget as Iceland, Aldi and Lidl are now on board! Some of the other supermarkets and health food shops have low-cost options too.

But why would you want to eat something that resembles fish?!

Most people stop eating meat because of the ethical, environmental and health implications, not because they don’t like the taste! There are many textures, tastes and flavours that people enjoy and have been brought up on. So meat substitutes are convenient and fantastic for many. It means you can enjoy your favourite flavours without the suffering and environmental destruction.

Some vegans choose not to eat meat substitutes and that’s absolutely fine too. From a health perspective it’s always better to use fresh ingredients and to cook from scratch but substitutes are great from time to time (and healthier than meat!). Here are some of our favourite fish swaps; although there are loads more to choose from!

For all of our favourite meat and dairy swaps, head to A Vegan’s Guide to…

Fish Fingers

Fish fingers are a family favourite! There’s no need to miss out with these fantastic alternatives. Try serving some of our favourite fish finger swaps with a healthy salad, or with baked beans and chips for a quick and easy dinner!

  • Plant Menu: Fishless Fingers — Available at Aldi
  • Birds Eye: Green Cuisine Fishless Fingers — Available at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, Ocado
  • Quorn: Vegan Fishless Fingers — Available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Ocado
  • Plant Kitchen: Breaded Vegan Fish Fingers — Available at M&S
  • Moving Mountains: Plant-Based Fingers — Available at Waitrose, Ocado, Mighty Plants
aldi plant menu fishless fingers

Best Budget Fingers

Aldi Plant Menu Fishless Fingers, £1.29

Quorn vegan fishless fingers

Our Top Pick

Quorn Fishless Fingers, £2.50


Try mixing these great tuna alternatives with sweetcorn and a vegan mayonnaise to create a fantastic filling for sandwiches and jacket potatoes. Alternatively you can add to pasta and salads! Here are Viva!’s top tuna swaps.

  • Future Farm: Future Tvna — Available at Sainsbury’s
  • Marigold: Tunah — Available at Co-op, The Vegan Kind
  • Loma Linda: Tuno — Available at Asda, Morrisons, Holland and Barrett, The Vegan Kind
  • Good Catch: Fish-Free Tuna Flakes — Available at Tesco, The Vegan Kind
  • Vegan Zeastar: No Tuna Sashimi — Available at Vegetarian Express
Loma Linda Tuno

Best Budget Tuna

Loma Linda Tuno, £1.30

Future Farm Tvna

Our Top Pick

Future Farm Tvna, £2.90

M&S Plant Kitchen Tuna and Sweetcorn Sandwich

On the go

M&S Plant Kitchen No Tuna Sweetcorn, £3.50

vrc tuna sweetcorn sandwich recipe

Try this recipe

This ‘Tuna’ Sweetcorn Sandwich is a great vegan, fishless alternative to this traditional sandwich. Perfect for lunchboxes or use the filling for jacket potatoes, toasties, pasta bake, or in a puff pastry tart.

Battered Fish

There’s a huge variety of vegan battered fish swaps — from scampi to fillets — and all of them are delicious! Whatever you fancy there is a vegan alternative for it! Here are some of our top swaps.

  • Fry’s: Crispy Fish-Style Fillets — Available at Tesco, Iceland
  • Quorn: Vegan Fishless Scampi — Available at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Ocado
  • Moving Mountains: Plant-Based Fillets — Available at Sainsbury’s, Ocado
  • Naked: Without the Splash! No Fish Goujons — Available Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado, The Vegan Kind
  • Quorn: Vegan Salt and Vinegar Fishless Fillets — Available at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado
  • VBites: Breaded Fishless Steaks — Available at VBites, The Vegan Kind
quorn vegan fishless scampi

Best Budget Battered Fish

Quorn Fishless Scampi, £2.50

vbites breaded fishless steak

Our Top Pick

VBites Breaded Fishless Steaks, £2.99

hungry horse vegan fish and chips

On the go

Hungry Horse Pub Vegan Fish and Chips, £6.79

vrc 10 minute tofish recipe

Try this recipe

Fancy a healthier alternative? This 10 Minute Tofish recipe is a revelation as it really only takes 10 minutes! Lovely chunky tofu wrapped in seaweed and covered in crispy beer batter… perfect for evenings when you’re short of time and need some comfort food!


Whether you like cream cheese and salmon bagels, salmon steaks or salmon sushi — there’s a vegan swap! These are some of our favourite salmon alternatives without any of the cruelty!

  • Veganz: Vegan Salmon — Available at Planet Organic, The Vegan Kind
  • Vegan Zeastar: No Salmon Sashimi — Available at Vegetarian Express
  • Plant Pioneers: No Salmon Fillets — Available at Sainsbury’s
  • VBites: Smokey Slmn — Available at VBites, The Vegan Kind
  • Odontella: Smoked Vegan Salmon — Available at Greenbay
VBites Smokey Slmn

Best Budget Salmon

VBites Smokey Slmn, £1.99

Odontella Smoked Vegan Salmon

Our Top Pick

Odontella Smoked Vegan Salmon, £8.99

Wasabi Vegan Xalmon Harmony Set

On the go

Wasabi Vegan Xalmon Harmony Set, from £7.95

vrc Vegan Gravlax with Smokey Carrots and Almond Cream Oatcakes

Try this recipe

Lydia’s Vegan Gravlax recipe uses carrots instead of salmon. The method of ‘curing’ very thinly sliced carrot gives an uncanny likeness to smoked salmon without the fish flavour. We’ve served ours with a vegan cream cheese and oatcakes!

Calamari and Shrimp

Battered squid is a takeaway favourite but there’s no need to miss out. Luckily there are now vegan alternatives to calamari and shrimp. Try one of our favourite swaps!

  • Vegan Zeastar: Lemon Shrimpz— Available at Ocado, Vegetarian Express
  • Natures Charm: Vegan Calamari — Available at The Vegan Kind, Alternative Stores
  • Vegan Zeastar: Kalamariz — Available at Ocado, Vegetarian Express
  • Native: Pr*wn Crackers  — Available at Asda, The Vegan Kind
Native prawn crackers

Best Budget Shrimp

Native Pr*wn Crackers, £1.60

Vegan Zeatsar Kalamariz

Our Top Pick

Vegan Zeastar Kalamariz, £4.95

Wagamama Vegan Chilli Squid

On the go

Wagamama Vegan Chilli Squid, £6.75

Find over 900 delicious and easy vegan recipes online at Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club or download our handy app by searching for Vegan Recipe Club in your phone’s app store!

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