Fake is Great

Looks the same, fills a hole and no one gets hurt in the process.







What’s the point in vegan-alternatives imitating meat?


Think of it as culinary cosplay: it’s all the flavour and satisfaction of your favourite dishes, but with none of the planetary or ethical baggage.

Plus, it’s a clever way to bridge the gap for those transitioning to plant-based eating—because who says you can’t enjoy a juicy sausage while taking out the animal cruelty one bite at a time?


Why Vegan Alternatives?

Because these plant-powered products offer all the flavours you crave, without the dirty secrets of environmental damage, animal suffering, or health risks.

From juicy burgers and sizzling bacon to tantalising sausages and creamy cheese, the range is now seductively vast and easier to get your hands on than ever. So why not make the swap and enjoy some guilt-free pleasure? 

Meet Your New ‘Meat’

Eating vegan…

has never…

been easier.

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What is V7?

V7 is our irresistibly simple vegan meal plan, serving up mouthwatering breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes for an entire week.

Why not dive in and discover just how deliciously easy eating vegan can be?

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