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Viva! Lifestyle shows how positive and easy it is to go vegan. From Vegan Recipe Club and 7 Day Vegan – packed with delicious tried and tested recipes – to the Viva! Shop which offers vegan fashion and food, it has everything you need to get started. Get started with our vegan FAQs and guide to veganism.

We also directly help people to go vegan, taking to the streets  with free vegan hotdogs, cappuccinos, milkshakes and ice-cream, and you can campaign with us!


Going Vegan

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Why go vegan?

People choose to go vegan for many reasons — namely for the animals, the planet and their health.

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Veganism 101

So you’ve decided to go vegan – that’s amazing! Your decision will help reduce animal suffering, protect the planet, save others and improve your own health. We have everything you need to get started.

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Vegan FAQs

Where do you get your protein? Is honey vegan? All of your questions about veganism answered in one easy place.

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A vegan’s guide to…

From butter to cheese and chocolate to cream — our handy guides tell you everything you need to know. So whether you’re a newbie vegan or looking to try some new delicious delights, we’re here to help.

Vegan at Home

Your guide to eating at home on a budget, finding convenience foods and cooking a variety of easy vegan recipes.

Living Vegan

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Art For Animals

Our Art for Animals scheme celebrates creativity and saves animals too! Browse our gallery and be inspired. The following artists help Viva! save animals through their work.

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Famous Vegans & Vegetarians

From actors and comedians, to chefs and sportspeople, there are more and more celebrities going vegan all the time.

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Cosmetics and toiletries

Veganism extends further than just diet. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to cosmetics and toiletries, including our top picks of vegan-friendly products.

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Finding community

Choosing to go vegan will have some amazing benefits to you, the planet and the animals. Find out how to communicate this change with your friends and family.

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Humane Animal Control

Everything you need to know about humane animal control for animals and critters who have become unwelcome guests in your home or garden.

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Travelling vegan

Travelling vegan has never been easier as many countries across the world are getting on the bandwagon and providing lots more options. Here are our top picks!

vegan christmas dinner

How to Have a Merry Vegan Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy, so what better way of spreading peace, kindness and compassion to our loved ones and our animal friends than by making the big feast deliciously vegan?

row of books with different religions written on them

Veganism in Religion

Viva! invited leaders from different faiths to provide a contribution on how their religion advocates a vegan lifestyle


The fashion industry causes pain and suffering to millions of animals all over the world including for fur, leather, wool, silk and down. Whatever the material, cruelty is involved.


Big 3 freshers tour

The Big 3 at Freshers’ Fairs

Viva! are ready to show students at freshers’ fairs just how easy it is to swap chicken, cheese and chocolate for cruelty-free alternatives, without compromising on taste!

feeding the homeless vegan meals

Feed the Homeless

Over the course of November, Viva! teamed up with Million Dollar Vegan to provide and distribute 2,000 vegan meals for homeless people.

More from Viva!

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Viva! Vegan Podcast

The Viva! Vegan Podcast and Vegan News Minisode – available every month! In addition to the Viva! monthly Podcast, we now have a Vegan News Minisode! Together, they’ve got you…


Viva!Life is our magazine exclusively for Viva! members. Each issue of Viva!Life features lovingly crafted content from our expert team of journalists, nutritionists, health professionals, campaigners, recipe gurus and lifestyle influencers.

My Vegan Town

Viva!’s vegan directory includes 1000’s of vegan-friendly places to eat, shop and stay!


7 Day Vegan

Switching from animal products to plant-based ingredients can have huge benefits for your health, the planet and animals. That’s why we’ve launched V7 – our brand new ‘one week’ food challenge.

30 Day Vegan

Full of delicious vegan recipes and inspiration, try our 30 day vegan meal plan today – available as daily notifications or email alerts.

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