Billions of animals suffer in factory farms every year. Donate or join Viva! today and help us help them.

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For more than 28 years, Viva! has been running hard hitting campaigns and harrowing investigations which reveal the abject suffering that happens on factory farms in the UK and globally.

As part of our campaigns, we encourage the public to go vegan to help save animals, as well as for the planet and their health.

Recent successes:

Please, donate or join Viva! today by giving a monthly donation so we can continue our vital work to help animals, and help people choose vegan.

Your donation will help Viva! in its mission to:

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Save animals’ lives

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Protect our planet and health

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Increase veganism




More ways to help

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Other ways to donate

Other ways to donate to Viva! such as by phone, text, post, standing order and more.


Leaving a legacy gift in your will

Your gift will help to protect our planet for future generations and will enable us to move one step closer to a vegan world. Legacies are a promise to the animals who need us most — a promise that no matter what, Viva! will be there to help them. Every gift makes a difference.

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Viva! Volunteer Community

All the ways you can get involved with Viva! including street actions, fundraisers, volunteering and more.

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