Farmed Animals and the Environment

Meat-eating has a dramatic impact on the environment. It’s because we grow vast amounts of crops to feed billions of farmed animals and only about 10 per cent of it actually turns into animal foods (meat, fish dairy and eggs). Most of the protein and energy that crop feed for animals contains are used up in metabolic processes keeping the animal alive, producing body heat and building and repairing tissues like bones, cartilage, offal – and much is lost in faeces. It is a highly inefficient way of producing food. If we ate the crops ourselves, we’d need to grow less and use far fewer resources. Animal farming also pollutes the air with greenhouse gases and the soil and water with ammonia and other harmful substances.

For more information on how animal agriculture is destroying the environment, go to Viva! Planet.

How to Change Your Diet

Cutting meat out of your diet is not just a healthy choice, it’s also an ethical and sustainable one. If you’re used to meals based around meat, the idea of going meat-free may be daunting but we’re here to help make it super easy! Try vegan!

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All about meat

Find all the above and more in Viva!’s hard-hitting scientific report Meat the Truth.

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