Meat – Why Animal Products Harm

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You don’t need to eat meat and it is not good for you! There is no safe amount. Find out why here…

In our new report Meat the Truthhow and why meat consumption is a major public health concern, a review of the evidence, we reveal the ground-breaking scientific evidence that red meat, white meat and processed meat offers no health benefits and is linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases.We examine the links between red meat, processed meat, chicken and disease and explain why meat causes food poisoning, how BSE, bird flu and antibiotic-resistant superbugs pose an increasing threat that we can’t afford to ignore. The meat industry has money and influence, so we are fed mixed messages. However, with pressure from groups like Viva! Health and reports and guides like these, public health guidelines are slowly beginning to change. You don’t have to wait though, read the research for yourself here and make up your own mind!

Meat the truth

Our fully-referenced scientific report White Meat, Black Mark uncovers the truth about the health consequences of eating chicken, duck, turkey and goose. An important, revelationary and life saving work that will leave you in no doubt, chicken is not a healthy option!

The guide White Meat Myths reveals white meat in its true colours – an unhealthy, damaging food that can easily be replaced with healthier, meat-free alternatives. White Meat Myths is packed with easy-to-digest information, illustrations and delicious meat-free recipes which aim to inspire consumers to make the right move towards going vegan and enjoying great health.

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