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Nutrition requirements:

Volleyball is about agility, strength, movement precision, stamina and mobility. It requires a lot of energy and is usually complemented by other training such as plyometrics and resistance training.

You need a higher intake of complex carbs for energy, quality protein for muscle repair and some healthy fats.

Key points:

1. Your diet should contain plenty of complex carbs for energy but also to maintain glycogen stores in your muscles. Make sure your meals are based around oats, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, wholemeal bread, quinoa, sweet potatoes and wholegrain products.

2. About an hour or at least 30 minutes before a game, have a light snack to top up your energy levels – a banana, some dried fruit or a nut and fruit energy bar.

3. Hydrate! Whenever you have a break and are off the set, drink some water to keep your energy levels up.

4. After a match, your muscles need to start repairing so supplying them with some protein and carbs is a smart move. Have a protein bar and some fruit, handful of nuts and dried fruit, or go for a falafel wrap.

5. Antioxidants help prevent excessive tissue damage and help you recover faster. Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables are the best sources so always have some with your meals, or blend them into smoothies to increase your intake.


Sample Meal Plan: Active Person is the right fit for you!

Inspiration: Dustin Watten

Dustin Watten, professional volleyball player and member of several champion teams on adopting a vegan diet: “As far as athletic performance, I feel lighter, I wake up with a pop and after my morning smoothie I am bouncing off the walls. With my team now, we always have two sessions, usually weights in the morning and practice in the afternoon. I aim to refuel at lunch and I notice there is never a problem with digestion. Where I see most guys stuff themselves, hit a wall and have to nap for a hour or two. I’m ready to get back after right away.


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