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Nutrition requirements:

Golf is a very unique sport and as such, it requires specialised nutrition. A round of golf can last several hours, during which you walk many kilometres, so you need energy that lasts. Practicing specific skills and muscle conditioning are also important parts of golf training – nourishing your muscles well is also a must.

You need substantial amounts of complex carbs for energy, quality protein too for your muscles and small amounts of healthy fats.

Key points:

1. Make sure you eat a carbohydrate-rich meal – based on oats, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes or wholemeal bread – three or four hours before a round. That will ensure you’ve had time to digest it and have enough energy.

2. About half an hour before you start playing, have a small snack for an energy boost (eg fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruit or a snack bar) and drink at least a glass of water.

3. Take some light snacks with you so you can have one every hour. For example, pieces of fruit or a fruit smoothie, energy balls, a halved sandwich or trail mix.

4. Water is your best friend. As golf keeps you on your feet for hours – and often in hot weather too – you need to hydrate. Drink some water beforehand, take a big bottle with you and don’t forget to drink afterwards as well.

5. Recovery food is important – after a round, make sure you have something with healthy carbohydrates and protein to nourish your muscles. It could be a hummus and falafel wrap, beans on wholegrain toast or a handful of nuts and fresh fruit.


Sample Meal Plan: It depends how often and for how long you train but Active Person should be an excellent match for you!

Inspiration: Ruaidhri McGee, Sergio Barba, Gary Player

Ruaidhri McGee, professional golf player, on how a vegan diet kick-started his health and performance: “I felt a lot better so I decided I’d keep doing it. It seems to be working because my golf has been pretty good ever since. I feel a lot healthier overall… It has helped my game a good bit because I definitely feel like I have a lot more energy on the course. That obviously helps the golf a lot. I slimmed down a good bit so that was a plus too.



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