Vegan sports nutrition guide

This guide on vegan sports nutrition equips you with the know-how to make your diet the best fuel for your athletic endeavours. It explains how and what to eat for different levels of activity and sports and why being vegan offers many performance and health advantages.

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Food and nutrient cheatsheets

Planning healthy vegan meals is a walk in the park with our food and nutrient cheatsheets. They will help you achieve the best results in your athletic training.

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Sample meal plans

Meal plans to get you inspired! They follow our meal planning rules and fit nutrient requirements for each athlete category.

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Vegan athletes

You’ll be surprised to see how many successful athletes are vegan. As the awareness of the health and performance benefits of wholefood vegan diets grows, so does the number of athletes relying on plants to fuel their bodies in the best possible way.

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Watch what some elite vegan athletes have to say about their diet, what motivated them to change and what advice they have for you!

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