New diet promises to defeat diabetes in four weeks

| Post published on July 7, 2011
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A GROUND-BREAKING diet which has the potential to reverse diabetes is being launched by a national health charity this week. Viva! Health say the scientifically proven D-Diet, which is balanced, plant-based and low fat can cure type 2 diabetes and stabilise type 1 – without the drastic calorie restriction approach recently publicised. The Big-D campaign is being launched on Thursday (July 7) and clinical trials have proven the D-Diet produces better results than any single medication currently prescribed to diabetes sufferers. Authors claim it has the power to change your metabolism and reverse diabetes or reduce your chances of developing it to the bare minimum. The D-Diet keeps you well nourished and sated while it’s making your cells burn the fat that is standing in the way of insulin sensitivity. It also reduces cholesterol levels, blood pressure and protects the kidneys from further deterioration. Because the D-Diet champions foods with low glycemic index, it protects the body’s vital organs from damage cause by blood sugar rising too high or dipping too low. Viva! Health Health Campaigner, Veronika Charvatova, says: “There are 2.5 million diabetics in the UK and current medication and diet recommendations are not doing enough to treat the condition and save lives. The D-Diet can actually reverse type 2 diabetes and significantly improve the health of type 1 diabetics. But don’t take our word for it, try it for four weeks and see the results for yourself.” Viva! Health claim the D-Diet does not only treat diabetes, it can also prevent a number of health conditions that commonly occur in diabetics such as: heart disease, kidney disease, eyesight deterioration and neuropathic pain. The charity is looking for diabetes sufferers to come forward and try the diet for themselves. A guide, The Big-D: defeating diabetes with the D-Diet is available for £2.90 and a scientific report, The Big-D: Defeating Diabetes through Diet, for £5, by calling 0117 970 5190 (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm) or order online at The guide includes a seven day meal planner, recipes and shopping and cooking tips. A summary fact sheet is also available. 

The following papers all support the D-Diet principles:

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Dr. Justine Butler
I joined Viva! as a health campaigner in 2005 after graduating from Bristol University with a PhD in molecular biology. My scientific training helped me research and write numerous reports, guides and fact sheets for Viva! including Meat the Truth, Fish-Free for Life, One in Nine (breast cancer and diet) and the substantial report on the detrimental health effects of consuming dairy; White Lies. This accompanied Viva!’s report The Dark Side of Dairy which spelt out the inherent cruelty of dairy farming. We were the first UK group to take on the dairy industry in this way, and many of our supporters go vegan after reading these reports.

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