Cervix cancer

Cervical cryotherapy
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Various studies tried to assess whether a healthy diet can have a protective effect on the cervix, especially as the risk of cervix (cervical) cancer is linked to HPV (human papilloma virus). And because most of these studies show a correlation between fruit and vegetable intake and an increased protection against cancerous lesions (García-Closas et al., 2005; Ghosh et al., 2008), a recent study was designed to look at overall dietary patterns and their effect on cervix health (Piyathilake et al., 2012). It revealed that women with unhealthy diets based on meat, fatty and processed foods have 3.3 times higher cervical cancer risk than women whose diets are plant-based and low in fat. Therefore, a low-fat plant-based diet can significantly reduce the risk of cervical cancer regardless of HPV infection.

For references and more information, see The Incredible Vegan Health report or visit Nutrition News for latest studies on diet and health.

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