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| Post published on June 2, 2009
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Italian scientists have found that combining blueberries with cow’s milk destroys the antioxidant benefits they offer. Volunteers ate 200g of blueberries with 200 ml of either water or whole milk. Eating blueberries with water increased blood levels of antioxidants, combining them with milk did not. Previous work has shown that milk can interfere with the antioxidants in both tea and chocolate. This may result from milk proteins binding to the antioxidants. It may be time to rethink how we combine our foods.

Serafini et al., 2009. Antioxidant activity of blueberry fruit is impaired by association with milk. Free Radical Biology and Medicine. 46 (6) 769-774.

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Dr. Justine Butler
I joined Viva! as a health campaigner in 2005 after graduating from Bristol University with a PhD in molecular biology. My scientific training helped me research and write numerous reports, guides and fact sheets for Viva! including Meat the Truth, Fish-Free for Life, One in Nine (breast cancer and diet) and the substantial report on the detrimental health effects of consuming dairy; White Lies. This accompanied Viva!’s report The Dark Side of Dairy which spelt out the inherent cruelty of dairy farming. We were the first UK group to take on the dairy industry in this way, and many of our supporters go vegan after reading these reports.

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