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| 16 November 2020
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Deficiency is no more common among vegans who take a supplement

Not much is known about the nutritional status of vegans in the Czech Republic. According to a 2019 survey, 10 per cent of Czechs aged 18-34 describe themselves as vegetarian or vegan. This study investigated whether the use of B12 supplements prevented deficiency in 151 Czech vegans compared to 85 non-vegans. They found that vegans who regularly took a supplement had similar levels of B12 to non-vegans but those not supplementing had significantly lower levels. This is a predictable result but one that carries a simple and important message – remember to take your B12! Low levels are not uncommon in older people, regardless of diet, as absorption from food declines with age. In the US, all adults over 50 are advised to take a supplement.

Selinger E, Kühn T, Procházková M, et al. 2019. Vitamin B12 Deficiency Is Prevalent Among Czech Vegans Who Do Not Use Vitamin B12 Supplements. Nutrients. 11 (12) 3019.

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