5-a-day vital 4 men

Broccoli offers many health benefits and is a regular feature in Sourcing Science. A study now shows that cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, can protect against prostate cancer. A study of over 29,000 men (including 1,338 with prostate cancer) found that dark green and cruciferous vegetables protected against aggressive prostate cancer. A weekly serving of cauliflower was associated with 52 per cent lower risk and broccoli cut the risk by 45 per cent. Prostate cancer affects 32,000 men in the UK every year and it kills one man every hour. Experts agree the best way to reduce cancer risk is to eat a balanced diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Kirsh VA, Peters U, Mayne ST, Subar AF, Chatterjee N, Johnson CC, Hayes RB. 2007. Prospective study of fruit and vegetable intake and risk of prostate cancer. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 99 (15) 1200-1209.

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