Viva! Cookbook x VCO Ticket Competition

Viva! and its sister organisation Vegan Recipe Club are giving away a ‘Golden Ticket’, worth 2 x tickets to Vegan Camp Out 2024.

Any person who purchases a copy of the cookbook from our online shop during May 2024 will have an equal chance of winning.

Viva! will set aside a number of cookbooks specifically for the competition. The Golden Ticket, along with a compliment slip describing how to redeem the tickets with a unique password, will be randomly inserted into one of the pre-allocated cookbooks. These will then be pre-packed to prevent identification of the winning item, shuffled ‘blind’, and chosen at random when shipping out to customers.

Once the winning individual has contacted us to claim the prize, Viva! will publicise the fact promptly & clearly (see Terms & Conditions below), and cease all promotion of the competition.

Good luck!

Terms & Conditions

  1. The ‘Golden Ticket’ recipient can redeem two tickets to Vegan Camp Out.
  2. The winner must redeem their ticket by contacting the Viva! office via email or telephone and quoting the unique password. Once the winner has provided the password, Viva! will make arrangements to provide them with tickets.
  3. The competition runs from 1 May to 31 May. If the prize is claimed within these dates, Viva! will promptly announce the end of the competition in the following places:

    In the 48 hours after the winner has contacted us and we have announced the end of the competition, we will contact anyone who purchases the cookbook via the details provided when purchasing to confirm they want to proceed with their purchase. Viva! will not be liable for any purchases made after this period.

  4. The ‘Golden Ticket’ alone cannot be used as a ticket to Vegan Camp Out. Any attempt to use the ‘Golden Ticket’ on the Vegan Camp Out gates will be refused.
  5. The winner can promote that they have won on social media but mustn’t share, or post images of, the password. This must be kept private as a security measure to prevent fraudulent claims.
  6. If no one claims the prize by 14 June, every person who purchased a book during May 2024 will be entered into a randomised draw to select the winner, who will be contacted by post (at the order delivery address) as soon as possible after that date.

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