Cook the perfect vegan BBQ this Bank Holiday weekend

| 26 May 2021
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Vegan BBQ Ribs

The weather forecast for the May Bank Holiday weekend may not be quite as we’d hoped, but don’t let that stop you dusting off the BBQ and starting your summer with a sizzle – vegan style.A recent survey by UK supermarket Aldi revealed a shocking 47% of Brits lack confidence in cooking for vegan guests at BBQs. Fear not, Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club has simple, delicious vegan recipes and top tips to keep all your guests happy this Bank Holiday weekend.

Top tips for a vegan BBQ:

  1. Don’t panic – a surprising number of foods are accidentally vegan.  Many breads, rolls and wraps are vegan (be sure to check the labels for milk). Store-cupboard basics like ketchup and American mustard are almost always vegan. Sides dishes like salad and grains are vegan too!
  2. Mix it up with meat-alternatives – pretty much all major supermarkets now offer affordable meat-alternatives, perfect for the BBQ.  Try the classic Linda McCartney sausages in a hot dog bun or Iceland’s No Bull burgers, they’re guaranteed to impress any guest!
  3. Get your favourite veggies on the BBQ – mushrooms on skewers or chunky slices of aubergine straight on the grill offer a delicious addition to any BBQ
  4. Don’t be shy with the seasoning – no BBQ is complete without seasoning. Try mixing up some jerk seasoning with olive oil and basting whatever you put on the BBQ
  5. Get saucy – there has never been a better range of vegan condiments in mainstream shops. Hellman’s Vegan Mayo, Siracha Hot Sauce or for a Mediterranean twist try a vegan pesto in your burger bun

We’ve compiled the Vegan Recipe Club’s top vegan BBQ recipes so you can dazzle guests all summer!




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