Vegan wins strongman competition

| 20 June 2024
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Bradie Crandall

Bradie Crandall wins 2024 PA Dutch 13 strongman competition.

Vegan strongman Bradie Crandall has added another first place to his growing tally of victories. Bradie won the prestigious 2024 PA Dutch 13 strongman competition, earning him a place at the US Strongman Corp Nationals

“The weights at this competition are heavy and it attracts some of the toughest competitors. Last year, Tom Evans won PA Dutch and he is now competing at World’s Strongest Man and is arguably one of the top 10 strongest men in the world.”

The events included:

  • Farmer’s walk with 115 kg in each hand to a 295 kg yoke walk. A win for Bradie!
  • Log press, where Bradie attempted the state record of 135 kg, currently held by Bradie’s vegan friend Ric Carroll
  • 125 kg sandbag carry, for which he managed 113 metres, taking the win
  • Deadlift medley and atlas stones

Since 2022, Bradie has racked up wins at Strongman Corporation New Castle Chaos, the US Powerlifting Association Nationals, and US Strongman Clash of the Tridents III, proving that “where do you get your protein?” is a redundant question.

Bradie is now captain of the Vegan Strong Plantbuilt team for Strongman. Already, he’s putting together a large and formidable team for the next event.

Bradie has been vegan since 2017, considering the change while studying Chemical Engineering:

“Gaining a deeper understanding of the causes of climate change led to the discovery that animal products have a huge impact on the environment. Also that a diet based on animal products is no longer sustainable as the population rapidly grows.”

He’s also written a book on vegan strength training called The Living Machine: Engineering Strength with a Plant-Based Diet.


Content sourced and adapted with permission from Great Vegan Athletes.

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