UK’s biggest greyhound stadium closes its doors for good

| Post published on August 7, 2020
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UK's Biggest Greyhound Stadium Closes Its Doors for Good

Belle Vue, the UK’s largest and oldest greyhound racing stadium, has closed its doors for good.

This is a huge win for animal rights, as greyhounds have been exploited for the sport for far too long.

The owners of Belle Vue said there was ‘no longer a business case to support the ongoing operation of the stadium’ and the national coronavirus lockdown ‘has had a particularly negative effect on Belle Vue, with racing behind closed doors simply unable to sustain the business’.

This positive news follows another greyhound racing stadium in Peterborough also closing for good during the coronavirus outbreak.

The collapse of the biggest greyhound racing stadium in the UK hopefully means we will see the end of the whole industry soon – freeing the 10,000 greyhounds who are currently registered as racing dogs in Britain.

Sadly, their lives are a far cry from the life of the beloved family dog that other breeds get to enjoy, and instead they suffer a life of exploitation and neglect, for human entertainment.

Greyhounds are treated like running machines within the ‘sport’. They often suffer painful, and sometimes even fatal, injuries while being forced to race. Off the track, they are usually kept in small cages that barely allow them the space to turn around, and receive poor veterinary care.

As we begin to come out of lockdown we hope to build a kinder world that respects animals as the unique individuals they are.

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