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Post published at November 19, 2020

Take the V7 lockdown challenge!

Take the V7 lockdown challenge

Make the most of lockdown by signing up to Viva!’s FREE V7 lockdown challenge.

Switching from animal products to plant-based ingredients can have huge benefits for your health, the planet and animals. That’s why Viva! have launched V7 – a brand new one-week food challenge.

Viva! invites the public to make the most of lockdown v2.0 by taking the V7 lockdown challenge.

This amazing meal plan has been specifically designed to appeal to meat-eaters, meat-reducers and those interested in trying veganism but don’t know where to start.

Sign up and you’ll receive a complete vegan shopping list with seven days of super recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, tips and advice on vegan health, nutrition and lifestyle. Daily emails show you how incredibly easy and delicious vegan food can be.

So if you, or someone you know, wants to try veganism for just seven days, sign up to V7 today.

Siobhan Dolan of Viva! says:

“There has never been a better time to go vegan. Take Viva!’s V7 Challenge and make this a lockdown to remember!”

Poet, musician and Viva! Patron Benjamin Zephaniah has provided a voiceover for the campaign promotional video.

There has never been a better time to try veganism! Sign up now to begin your vegan journey.

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