Our New Vegan for the Planet Guide is Out Now!

3 May 2023
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Vegan for the Planet – Why vegan diets are best for wildlife, the environment and the future.

Our comprehensive but compact new guide highlights the devastating impacts animal agriculture is having on the planet. Responsible for a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions, a major consumer of resources and driver of pollution, biodiversity loss and deforestation – the consumption of meat, fish, eggs and dairy threatens our very future.

This guide reveals how animal agriculture and aquaculture lie at the heart of all the world’s environmental problems. It describes how major issues such as world hunger and wildlife loss could be prevented if we all switched to a vegan diet.


Vegan for the planet key facts

Vegan for the planet key facts

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Vegan for the Planet guide

Written by Viva!’s head of research, Dr Justine Butler, the guide references over a hundred studies carried out by scientists and research teams, all of which agree that the increasing global demand for meat and dairy is unsustainable. We would use less resources, feed more people, stop deforestation and could achieve net zero if there was a widespread shift towards a plant-based diet.


The cow in the room

The climate emergency is an urgent issue and Viva! is committed to alerting people to how diets containing meat, fish, eggs and dairy are a major contributor – a fact completely ignored by the Government. We need to push food systems to the top of the climate agenda – meat is the new coal, but the Government are ignoring the cow in the room!

Many people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, but surprisingly few are aware that the best place to start is with their diet. Hundreds of scientific studies show that the demand for meat, fish, dairy and eggs is destroying the planet, causing deforestation and the extinction of many species, among other atrocities. Vegan for the Planet explains how this is happening in an easily digestible format, providing readers with advice on how they can play their part to save the planet. Our message is clear: go vegan now, or risk causing irreversible climate breakdown.

Tanith Carey, author and journalist, says: “A hard-hitting, well-researched analysis of the climate change crisis and the steps we need to take to address it, with lots of helpful graphics. This essential handbook is a timely reminder that changing the way we eat is the single biggest and most rapid way for each of us to lower our impact on the environment.”


Where can I read the guide?

You can read the full guide online, or support Viva! by ordering a paper copy from the Viva! shop.

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