More People Want To Go Vegan Because of Covid-19

| 9 June 2020
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Vegan sandwich

A new report has found that covid-19 has made a vegan diet more appealing to people in the UK.

25% of young British Millennials (aged 21-30) said veganism is now more appealing than before the pandemic, along with 22% of people living in London and 12% of all Brits, according to research by Mintel.

A desire to create change in the world and an emphasis on eating healthy is likely to be causing the positive mindsets, said Mintel.

“People want the world to change for the better right now and they are searching for ways to show compassion,” said Alex Beckett, Associate Director of Mintel Food and Drink.

“For consumers struggling to know how to make a positive difference, cutting out animal protein may be seen as a way of tackling the climate crisis, showing compassion for nature, and boosting their own nutrient intake.”

And for those who are wanting to go vegan to make a positive change in the world, they have chosen the right thing! Researchers at the University of Oxford found that going vegan is the single biggest thing you can do for the environment.

Going vegan is also great for your health, which is especially important in a time like this. 51% of Brits understand plants have medicinal ingredients and 23% are eating more fruits and vegetables than usual.

A vegan diet is a perfect way to strengthen your immune system, as every meal you eat can be filled with a rainbow of fruits and veggies. Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and spices is essential to keeping illness away at a time like this, all while helping animals and the environment too!

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About the author
Louisa Kendal
Louisa is the Digital Communications Officer at Viva! Louisa has been vegan for four years and is passionate about eradicating injustices and exploitation in our world. After graduating from the University of Bristol with a degree in Theology, she worked as a journalist in Malaysia before joining Viva!'s marketing team. She now leverages social media and the online world to forward the vegan movement and keep Viva! growing in influence. Click here for more info.


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