June 2020: Viva! Vegan Podcast

Episode: 42

Viva! Podcast June 2020

June’s podcast features all the news and updates from Viva! – including news from charity founder and director, Juliet Gellatley, on the new campaign, 3 in 4 and an exclusive interview with Game of Thrones actor and Viva! patron, Jerome Flynn.


  • All you need to know about continuing to helping animals and promote veganism during lockdown, from the Viva! campaigns team
  • Viva! founder & director, Juliet Gellatley updates us on the 3 in 4 campaign highlighting that 3 in 4 new and emerging infectious diseases come from animals
  • Exclusive interview with Game of Thrones star, Jerome Flynn, with host Helen Wilson. Jerome shares his vision for a new future for the earth.
  • June cookery inspiration comes from Vegan Recipe Club’s Maryanne Hall
  • Gavin Chappell-Bates hosts his regular dedicated music feature. This month he chats to singer songwriter musician Kitty Stewart.
  • Poet and author, Jane Mann, also reads Warning from Wuhan, which can be read here.

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