February 2023: Moby

Episode: 76

The Viva! Vegan Podcast, February

Episode #76: Moby – Dance music pioneer, punk rocker and animal rights activist of 30 years. A man so famous he only needs one moniker.

Having followed a plant-based diet for over three decades, Moby is one of the world’s most famous vegans. His prolific list of expertise includes musician, songwriter, singer, producer, and best of all, animal rights activist. He has sold 20 million records worldwide and is one of the most important dance music figures in recent decades.

In this interview, Moby chats to Viva!’s head of communications, Faye Lewis, about his journey to veganism, using his creativity to address animal rights issues, the differences in the adoption of veganism between the UK and US – and the dangers of the far-right taking over Twitter.

He also discusses his former friendship with Elon Musk and his brand-new documentary Punk Rock Vegan Movie. The film explores punks’ relationship with veganism and includes interviews with a host of key players in punk and rock history.

Faye is then joined by Lex, Viva!’s head of investigations, to discuss punk rock, the straight edge movement, perceived animosity amongst animal rights groups and Faye’s unnerving obsession with The Matrix movies.

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