Eat Plants, Run Faster – Join Running on Plants for a New 5k Challenge This June

| 29 May 2024
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A campaign to encourage people to move towards a vegan diet ramps up in June with a 5K challenge aimed at getting people moving more and living a more compassionate lifestyle. The Running On Plants June 5K challenge tasks participants with finding a 5K route of their choice and then setting a benchmark time on June 1st.

By following a training plan provided by Running On Plants, along with regular tips and reels, recipes, and running advice through their social media channels and newsletters, participants should see themselves getting fitter and faster throughout the month.

The challenge culminates with another 5K on the initial course that participants chose, to see how much their time has improved on June 30th. Running On Plants was set up last year by vegan filmmaker Tom Pickering and has grown from strength to strength. The not-for-profit initiative is geared up to helping people switch to a vegan lifestyle, and to support those already following one.

Tom Pickering

Partnering with the likes of Plant-based Health Professionals UK, Switch4Good and , Running On Plants offers free resources to those who sign up through the website.

With host of the Vegan Fitness Runner podcast Laura Briggs, fitness instructor Chris O’ Grady, and Vegan Runner Daniel Fleming all making up the rest of the Running On Plants team, they’re aiming to get as many people on board for the June 5K as possible.

As a challenge that can be undertaken anywhere, and at any time, it encompasses anyone and everyone. You don’t have to be a super-fast athlete, or a lifelong vegan – but this a chance for people to make a goal and go for it.

Founder Tom, said: “Running On Plants is all about showing people that it’s possible to get fitter and healthier as a vegan. Ultimately, it’s about getting people to live compassionately and take animals off their plates, so if we can get participants feeling good in the process we hope they’re more likely to stick with the lifestyle as a result.”

Laura added: “You don’t have to be a runner to sign up to this challenge; you don’t have to be a vegan either. What we’re trying to do is show people that by ditching animal products, you can get fitter and healthier, while also taking a stand for the animals. We want to encourage to make the first steps towards a plant-based diet and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.”

With Tom having just released his film I Could Never Go Vegan in cinemas nationwide to huge acclaim, the campaign comes right at a time when awareness of the plight of the planet is at the forefront of people’s consciousness.

With huge environmental benefits, health benefits, and of course the benefits to the animals, this campaign is both timely, and something that we can all get on board with.

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