Become a Local Viva! Outreach Host

5 May 2023
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If you think being a local outreach host or supporter in your area is something you would like to do, or you would simply like to find out a little bit more, join our zoom call on 18 May at 6pm.

Viva! Founder and Director, Juliet Gellatley, will be joining for the first part of the meeting.

Register in advance for the meeting

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with the details.

Can’t make the zoom call? Drop an email to

We have a growing network of outreach hosts around the country including Bristol, Swindon, Fleet, Oxford, Exeter, Stafford, Southampton and Devizes.

Viva! supports you every step of the way.

  • We’ll provide all the leaflets and posters you need, training and ongoing mentorship
  • We can advise you on how to attract other local activists to your event and how to promote your event on social media
  • We’ll support you as you grow in confidence, by providing tips on how to engage the public and how to manage tricky conversations

By educating the public about the truth behind factory farming and showing people how great vegan food is, we can build a stronger vegan community and ultimately save more animals’ lives.

At Viva! we engage, educate and promote change by providing valuable insight into the realities of the meat and dairy industries. Viva! have produced lots of amazing resources that can inspire individuals to start to think differently and some which can offer practical support and advice too, through health guides, V7 and V30 programmes and the Vegan Recipe Club.

What people say

“Volunteering gives me a feeling that I can make a difference. Being out there is like planting a seed, helping the public to start to think about the meat and dairy industry in a different way. It’s a great way to help people connect with what they are eating and be more aware of what is happening to the animals, their health and the planet” – Tom

“I personally feel when I volunteer I can show people that vegans can be anybody and can be happy and passionate and normal! I think so many people think that vegans are extreme or that being vegan is too hard” – Skye

“I know I don’t need to know everything, but I think I am gaining more confidence as I learn more myself. This non-confrontational form of outreach suits me too – I like talking to the public and provoking thought and maybe helping someone to make a change. I love it” – Carol

Other ways to get involved

There are lots of other ways to get involved, whether you would like to represent Viva! at a vegan market and help us raise vital funds, door drop our impactful leaflets around your local community or join us for a street action to shine a light on the atrocities of the meat and dairy industry. Our volunteers make us stronger.

Get Involved

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