5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pigs

| 31 July 2019
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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Pigs

There are billions of pigs in the world at this very moment.

Despite the adorable fictional characters such as Babe, Piglet and Peppa Pig, pigs are one of the most commonly eaten animals on the planet.

But how much do we actually know about the inner lives of these intelligent and sensitive animals?

Here are 5 facts about pigs that you might not know:

Pigs are very clean animals

Despite what you might assume, pigs are actually very clean animals. In their natural environments, they don’t defecate where they live and they avoid laying down in their own dirt.

Pigs are incredibly intelligent

You may have heard it said that pigs have the same level of intelligence as a four-year-old child. Pigs are actually considered the fifith most intelligent animal in the world. They outsmart dogs any day and are even capable of playing simple computer games. They have excellent memories and can remember where they have hidden food even weeks later.

Pigs don’t sweat!

Ever wondered why pigs look the most content when rolling in a big puddle of mud? Pigs have almost no sweat glands, so rolling in puddles or mud is their natural way of cooling themselves.

Mud-bathing also doubles as pig sunscreen to stop their sensitive skin from burning in the sun.

Pigs just want to have fun

Naturally, pigs are playful and inquisitive animals. Piglets can often be seen in sanctuaries chasing around their brothers and sisters. Hope’s dance of joy is a perfect example of a pig loving life!

They love belly rubs!

Juliet with pig

Just like dogs, pigs love a good belly scratch. Pigs have often been known to drop to the ground and roll onto their side as soon as they see a potential belly-rubbing friend.

Unfortunately, as we know, this isn’t the reality for the vast majority of pigs in the world. Crammed into overcrowded, hot and filthy sheds, they are only allowed to live out a fraction of their lives before they are turned into bacon, sausages or ham.

Our No Porkies street action campaign kicks off next week. The Viva! team will be travelling to major cities across the UK to talk to them about pigs, the pig farming industry and showing them how easy it is to choose vegan!

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Tayana is one of Viva!’s campaigners. Coming from a background in journalism, Tayana is passionate about exposing the truth about animal farming, and promoting veganism as a kinder, healthier and more environmental lifestyle.

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