5 Best Vegan Sweets for Halloween

| Post published on October 31, 2019
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5 Best Vegan Sweets for Halloween


This is one of the most old-school accidentally vegan sweets. They’re perfect for trick or treating as they’re individually wrapped and have no scary animal products hidden within. And they’re so well known; you won’t get any turned up witches noses at the ‘weird vegan sweets’!


Why not treat your neighbourhood ghouls tonight by offering them something a little different from the normal sweets given out. You can get mini packets of Oreos and, yes, they are vegan! You’ll sweeten up even the most evil of spirits with these delicious sweet snacks.

Sherbet Fountains

What child (or adult!) doesn’t love a tower of rainbow coloured sherbet? Totally animal product free, you can put a smile on trick-or-treaters face without any of the hidden nasties. These are a classic favourite, so imagine everyone’s faces when they find out their vegan! Maybe they will even look into what other vegan things they can find…

Candy Kittens

These are perfect for all the black cats that will be turning up on your doorstep! They come in four flavours and all have a delicious sour tang to them. They’re on the fancier end of sweet-spectrum but they’re extra delicious as well! You can get these delicious kitties on our shop.

Colin the Caterpillar

These squidgy caterpillars are the ideal vegan trick-or-treat sweets! Why? Because they look like worms of course! We all know how much the walking dead love eating insects, so add to the scare factor with these hair raising sweets. They’re available in M&S.

You can find some of these sweets along with other vegan chocolates and confectionary on our online shop – vivashop.org.uk

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