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It’s not just land animals that are factory farmed

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Over 90 per cent of the world’s wild fish populations are fully-exploited, overexploited or depleted. Every year we kill in excess of two trillion wild fish globally – but even this unimaginable number excludes bycatch, illegally caught fish and fish that die in abandoned or discarded fishing fear. So huge are the numbers that annual statistics of fish killed for food don’t refer to the number of fish slaughtered, just the weight.

Salmon Fish Farm


Often touted as the solution to overfishing, fish farming is on the rise and now accounts for more than half the fish on supermarket shelves. Much like land-based factory farms, the conditions on fish farms are unable to replicate the complexities of an animal’s natural environment and, as a result, fish also suffer from a range of serious welfare issues – some of which we’ve exposed in our Scottish salmon and rainbow trout investigations.

I need your help to show people fish are friends, not food. Are you with me?

As we emerge from lockdown, we have ambitious plans for our END FACTORY FARMING BEFORE IT ENDS US campaign – including a brand-new TV advert – and we want you to be as excited about that as we are!

Whatever you can give, large or small, makes a difference for animals and we can’t thank you enough for helping us to help them.

Best fishes,

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Lex Rigby

Head of Investigations, Viva!

Lex in Liberia
Lex Rigby uncovering a stash of dried shark fins on an industrial fishing boat off the coast of Liberia
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