End Factory Farming Before it Ends Us

The need to end factory farming is now more urgent than ever. Let me tell you why.

Animal Abuse

Nobody can tell me that Britain has the highest welfare standards, when so many of the individuals responsible for the animals don’t show any respect or mercy to these poor souls. In the UK, 98 per cent of pigs are factory farmed – imprisoned indoors for the majority of their lives. This is exactly why we have to end factory farming.

Environmental Destruction

Factory farming is also driving our planet towards the brink of collapse. Can you imagine a future where wild animals lose the majority of their habitat? Where rainforests are replaced by soya fields to feed beef cattle? I can’t bear to imagine a future like that. Help Viva! halt this appalling destruction.

Pandemic Panic

Three in four of the world’s new or emerging infectious diseases come from animals; both farmed and wild. We have seen the death and disruption Covid-19 has caused. Other, far more deadly, viruses from factory farms are lying in wait, one small mutation away from causing worldwide devastation. We have to act now if we are to prevent more deadly pandemics!

Antibiotic Apocalypse 

The overuse of antibiotics in livestock farming is driving the emergence of antibiotic resistant superbugs. The chief medical officer in the UK has warned that we are facing an antibiotic apocalypse. I’m scared for the future of our children and their children. The solution to this is so simple: it’s to go vegan.

Campaigns & Investigations

Nursing sow confined to barbaric farrowing crate

Investigation: Morrisons Pigs

Cruel Morrisons pig farm forced to close following Viva! investigation into Winterbrook Farm Partners.

Dead broiler chicken

Investigation: Broilers

An undercover investigation into the UK’s three largest chicken producers reveals the miserable reality of life on dismal factory farms.

Scary Dairy

Going dairy-free is a smart move not just for ethical reasons but also because it will very likely improve your health in several ways. Try going dairy-free and see for yourself!

Christmas: Turkeys

In the UK around 90 per cent of turkeys are factory farmed. They’re selectively bred to grow quickly and often suffer from agonising leg disorders, joint degeneration and heart disease as a result.

Tesco dumps Hogwood

Hogwood Horror Farm

Since 2017, Viva! Campaigns have recorded a catalogue of cruelty at Hogwood Farm in Warwickshire, including extreme overcrowding; routine mutilation; cruel farrowing crates; sick and dying pigs abandoned in gangways; the dead left to rot amongst the living; painful lacerations from brutal assaults and live cannibalism.

Trout invesitgation

Investigation: Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout found severely overcrowded and suffering from stress, abrasive injury and predation in ‘high welfare’ fish farms supplying luxury food retailers.

Investigation: Scottish Salmon 2020

Alarming scenes captured at Scottish salmon farms supplying major supermarkets reveal putrid conditions that lead to invasions of flesh-eating parasitic sea lice.

I will fight to end this until all animals are free. Are you with me?

In the last week alone we were in 35 publications which together reached over 30 million with our message END FACTORY FARMING BEFORE IT ENDS US. We have so many plans that you can help us fund – including a new TV ad!

Together we will end factory farming, before it ends us! Join us and be a part of the vegan revolution!

For whatever you can give – we thank you.

Yours for the animals,

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Juliet Gellatley

Founder and Director

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