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Are Your Nuggets Really Worth Her Life?

Suggested caption: She will be killed before she is even six-weeks-old. In the wild, she would live until she is six-years-old. Are your nuggets really worth her life? Choose vegan!

No One Should Live with Fear in Their Eyes

Suggested caption: Can you imagine being kept inside your whole life, living in your own excrement as your muscles grow so big your legs can’t support yourself? This is the reality for broiler chickens in the UK. No one should have to live this way. Choose vegan!

This is the Reality of Farm to Plate

Suggested caption: Ever wondered where your free-range chicken came from? Many chickens suffer fatal conditions on UK farms due to disease or physical problems caused by their intense muscle growth. This is the reality of ‘Farm to Plate’. Choose vegan.

Free-range Doesn’t Mean Free

Suggested caption: Free-range chickens still rarely see the outdoors on British farms. They are crammed into sheds with small openings, often too small for the birds to access among the chaos of each other. They only way to make sure chickens are truly free is to choose vegan!

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