Investigation: Cadbury Milk

A calf and a half

Our undercover investigators have been inside numerous dairy farms that supply Cadbury with milk. Here we expose the bloody secrets of one of the nation’s favourite confectionery brands.

Shooting calves

We filmed the shocking fate of male Cadbury calves. Useless to the dairy industry, these ‘by-products’ are separated from their mothers only hours after birth and disposed of. We witnessed a baby male calf callously shot in the head, his body (along with others) piled on the back of a trailer to be transported to the local hunt for hound food. This is the fate of numerous Cadbury calves. Others will be sold into the cruel veal industry or slaughtered for pet food.

The shooting of male calves is not an exception, it’s a common practice in the dairy industry and other brands of dairy milk chocolate are not the answer. Choose dairy-free chocolate instead – it’s a much kinder and healthier choice!

Life of a Cadbury cow

We filmed the trauma of birth and separation, distended udders producing 39 litres a day, zero grazed dairy cattle and cows with debilitating illness.

Female calves follow their mothers to become milk machines. When a cow is physically exhausted (often by the age of five) she is destined for slaughter.

Not just Cadbury

Going dairy free

The best thing to do in order to stop supporting the cruel dairy industry is to try dairy-free! It’s easy, healthy and tasty. You can still have chocolate, cake, yogurt, cream, milk and cheese alternatives!

Get all the practical help you need from our Going Vegan section and order your Everyone’s Going Dairy Free guide!


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