Campaigns and Investigations: Pig Farming


Viva! has been campaigning for pigs for over 25 years. We have carried out numerous powerful investigations in factory farms across the country, each time uncovering the inherent cruelty involved and revealing the truth that Britain’s welfare standards are non-existent.

Our street outreach has brought the plight of pigs to the attention of the public as we have encouraged them to Face-off the pig industry,

One things is clear from all our investigations, the best way to protect pigs is to take them off your plate and go vegan.


Recent investigations

Flat House Farm Exposed

Red Tractor ‘appalled’ by barbaric conditions exposed in our latest undercover investigation into British pig farming. The disturbing footage highlights a clear lack of care for severely sick and dying animals, housed in squalid conditions that pose a serious public health risk.

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Winterbrook Farm Partners Exposed

Disturbing footage from an undercover investigation into two British pig farms exposes shocking conditions at farms supplying Morrisons. Workers were filmed brutally killing young pigs, mutilating others and leaving dead animals out in the open.

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Against all odds, Viva! Campaigns have returned to Hogwood pig farm to expose shocking conditions for the third year running. In response to the footage Viva! obtained, Red Tractor have suspended Hogwood’s certification and Tesco have dropped them with immediate effect.

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Shame of Britain

Actor Peter Egan and Viva! founder and director, Juliet Gellatley, gave the British pig industry the 1st for ‘Shame of Britain’ outside their annual awards in London.

Bearing Witness

Juliet joins Bristol Animal Save outside a slaughterhouse. The organisers are allowed a few minutes with pigs trapped in each transporter to bear witness to their plight and offer some small amount of comfort.

Could you eat the world’s smartest sandwich?

After a successful year of running No Porkies street actions nationwide, we are looking for volunteers to run their own events in their local areas.

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Pig rescue


Viva! and Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary have rescued a sow and her six piglets from a pig farm going out of business. We are so delighted that we can offer them a life together in the beautiful Welsh countryside! Not only that, these pig ambassadors will help us educate people about the horrors of factory farming by juxtaposing their new lives with our shocking footage from Britain’s factory farms. 

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Previous investigations

Can you trust the tractor?

Viva! exposes the battery piglets on a British farm belonging to the Red Tractor scheme that supplies Morrisons supermarket.

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Britain's mutilated piglets

Did you know that at least 80 per cent of piglets are mutilated every year in Britain? How do we know? The pig industry admits it!

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Lambrook Pig Farm

At Lambrook Pig Farm (Crockway Farms), located in Somerset, ‘fattening’ pigs destined for the dinner table are shown to be living in shockingly squalid conditions. The disturbing footage reveals both dead and living pigs lying in their own excreta with the only mental simulation for these intelligent animals being chains hanging from the ceiling.

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Evergreen Farm
Bourne Farm
Poplar Pig Farm
Hall Farm
Bedfordia Farms


Face off: The british pig industry

Have you ever wondered what really happens inside Britain’s pig farms? Perhaps you now know and want to let people to see? Viva!’s Face Off leaflets are packed with information and images that will make people think – and change. Ideal for giving to friends and family and for stalls or other awareness raising events.

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The world smartest sandwich

This newly designed leaflet is perfect for stalls and outreach. It highlights the horrors of factory farming while also explaining why pigs are one of the most intelligent and sensitive creatures on the planet! Plus learn about the effects of bacon on our health and ways to help combat the pig industry.

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Further reading

Did you know that pigs are one of the most intelligent, sensitive and social species on the planet? Just like us, they feel empathy for one another and form very strong bonds with their babies.

Find out more about pigs including fun facts, their natural habitat and how they are farmed »

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