Müller Killer

Dairy – it’s a killer.

Viva! is exposing the barbaric practice of zero grazing — life imprisonment for dairy cows. These cows are being sentenced to a life behind bars in factory farms, and this latest investigation reveals how the dairy giant Müller is part of driving this change.

The cows at the investigated Müller farms are never allowed to graze outside. Their whole lives are spent inside huge industrial sheds.

After a nine-month pregnancy, mothers have their newborn wrenched from them, their maternal bond severed, and all so humans can drink their milk. Death is commonplace. Mother cows are killed when their milk production drops. Many male newborn calves are slaughtered — others are reared for cheap beef.

Cows are paying the ultimate price just so people can eat yoghurt and other dairy products. This is the abhorrent reality of British dairy. Read on to find out what we have discovered and how you can get involved in our campaign to save cows.

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Juliet vs Piers Morgan

Juliet was invited onto Piers Morgan Uncensored to discuss our Müller Killer video being banned as an online ad.

Müller Cornered: zero grazing in the dairy industry

The life of a dairy cow is already a miserable existence and the addition of zero grazing has made it even more intolerable.

One in five dairy cows across the UK will never feel the sun on her back, spending almost her entire life locked inside the same shed. While she may see grass in the distance, she will never fulfil her natural urge to graze freely with her herd and her young.

Zero grazing is proliferating across the UK with a high demand for dairy, forcing more and more of these mothers indoors as dairy farmers claim it can “reduce feed costs and provide a quick return on investment.”

What's the solution?

Sadly, zero grazing is already the status quo across much of Europe and, worryingly, this is increasingly the case across the UK.

Would you like to live on the same waste-strewn concrete floor 365 days a year, every year, until your life is prematurely taken from you?

Viva! is here to stop zero grazing in its tracks and fight back against Müller and companies like them.

All Dairy is Cruel

The answer to zero grazing is not “better dairy” – all dairy commodifies cows and causes catastrophic suffering. There is no bonding for dairy mothers; cows are artificially inseminated every year and their calves are taken from them shortly after birth. Many male calves are slaughtered, female calves are usually isolated in hutches for two months or more. Painful infections such as laminitis and mastitis are rife – no matter the dairy farming system.

The move to zero grazing has added yet another cruelty on top of all this – a concrete and cast-iron prison from which there is no escape. Müller Corner should be Müller Cornered – because for the cows who are used to produce it, there is no escape!

The only answer is to ditch dairy entirely.

It’s time to go vegan.

Thankfully, going vegan has never been easier with a huge selection of delicious vegan alternatives readily available in most supermarkets. Check out our product swaps page below. Or, try V7 – Viva!’s easy, one week vegan meal plan.

Easy Vegan Swaps

From butter to cheese and pork to beef— our handy guides tell you everything you need to know. So whether you’re a new vegan or just looking to try some new delicious delights, we’re here to help.

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Switching from animal products to plant-based ingredients can have huge benefits for your health, the planet and animals. That’s why we’ve launched V7 – our brand new ‘one week’ food challenge.

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The YogHURTS tour

Thank you to everyone who joined us against the growing tide of zero grazing dairy this summer!

In June and July, we went on a national tour — the YogHURTS Tour — visiting many of the largest cities in the UK and encouraging the public to go vegan to stop the dark tide of dairy in its tracks.

Watch our roundup video below!

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