Investigation: Hogwood 2017

Hogwood Farm is a horrific place in Warwickshire, which houses around 16,000 pigs and is one of the largest pig farms Viva! has ever seen.  The conditions for pigs there are so appalling that Viva! launched a campaign in 2017 urging supporters to take action and help us close down the farm.

Timeline of events

  • On 10 July 2017, a peaceful vigil was held outside Hogwood Farm by Viva! Campaigns and their supporters. Watch the footage.
  • On the same day as the vigil, Viva! received a tip-off about pig remains being dumped in nearby woodland AND that the farm was supplying supermarket giant, TescoDiscover what we found.
  • Despite the attention drawn to the campaign, Tesco still refused to drop Hogwood Farm as a supplier. Viva! sprung into action to organise a Nationwide Day of Action for supporters of the campaign to make their voices heard at Tesco stores across the country. Read our Campaigner’s POV in our blog.
  • Further press coverage was gained for the Day of Action, which was featured in the Hereford TimesBristol PostPlant Based News and the Thetford and Brandon Times to name a few.
  • Due to Tesco’s decision to uphold Hogwood Farm as a pork supplier, Viva! began further plans to protest against the conditions these poor animals were suffering in 2018. A second investigation was carried out to test Tesco’s claims that they ‘work with their suppliers to improve conditions’.

Photos from the investigation

Press coverage

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