You are about to join Juliet in seeing what happens on British factory farms.

Thank you for opening your eyes…

“Thoughts of the rescued battery birds I’ve known and loved flickered though my mind…”


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Go kind

Well done for being brave enough to take the Face Off Challenge!

The government will not end factory farming but you can.

Change is already happening across Britain. There are more vegetarians and vegans than ever before. Why not give it a go? It’s easier than you think!

Every time you shop, you have the power to choose kindness over cruelty. The power is truly in your wallet.

You can GO KIND!

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Is it legal?

You are about to join Juliet in seeing what happens on British factory farms.

Do you think this is legal?


Sadly, you are right

Factory farming is the norm in Britain and by its very nature is cruel to animals and involves the frequent use of antibiotic drugs.

The following are legal in Britain:

  • Hens routinely having their beak painfully amputated without anaesthesia
  • 40 million baby male chicks gassed to death a year at just a day or two old
  • Up to 80 hens incarcerated in enriched cages in which they cannot adequately dustbathe, perform normal nesting behaviours, stretch their wings, or exercise their legs
  • ‘Spent’ hens killed for their eggs at just 72 weeks old
  • Hens shackled upside down at the slaughterhouse – an excruciatingly painful method of restraint for the birds

Shockingly, you are wrong

Seeing animals suffer is always difficult to face

But just because it’s out of sight does not mean it isn’t happening all over the UK right now.
If the thought of animal cruelty upsets you, that is a normal human reaction!

Sadly, 90% of animals kept for meat are factory farmed.
We cannot trust supermarkets or Red Tractor assurances.
Isn’t it time for Britain to move forward and end factory farming?

There is nothing to be afraid of if we can only open our eyes, because we can change the future.

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