Christmas: Turkeys


In the UK there are around 10 million turkeys alive at any one time – the vast majority of which are intensively farmed. They’re selectively bred to grow quickly and often suffer from agonising leg disorders, joint degeneration and heart disease as a result.

The industrial units in which turkeys are raised frequently lack appropriate environmental enrichment, causing extreme stress and the development of unnatural behaviours as a result – such as cannibalism and feather-pecking


Gravel farm

Our latest turkey farm investigation revealed shocking conditions found on an intensive farm supplying Avara Foods – one of the UK’s largest poultry processors supplying major food retailers and restaurant chains.

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Springate farm

Viva! was handed footage shot inside tents housing turkeys that shows some of the worst conditions we have ever seen. It was filmed at a farm which houses the headquarters of Kelly Turkeys.

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Cruelty-free Christmas

First ever Christmas ad to expose turkey farming!

In 2018, 15 million turkeys were killed in the UK but we have an opportunity NOW to effect change, reaching MILLIONS of meat-eaters with our investigation! We’ve launched the FIRST EVER CHRISTMAS AD TO EXPOSE TURKEY FARMING, using footage from this investigation, and need YOUR SUPPORT to reach millions more.

You CAN HELP US get this powerful ad shown on YouTube every day in the run-up to Christmas. The more donations we receive, the more places we can show it, the more people go vegan or move in that direction.


Have a Merry Vegan Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy, so what better way of spreading peace, kindness and compassion to our loved ones and our animal friends than by making the big feast deliciously vegan? This guide will help you navigate the special day with easy recipes, fancy recipes, stockists, socialising tips and recommendations for alcohol, starters, mains, desserts – the whole shebang!

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Bring peace to all this Christmas

This leaflet asks people to choose compassionately this Christmas, ditch the meat and celebrate with vegan food instead. Our popular festive leaflet is perfect for door dropping and all actions.


Deliciously Vegan Christmas Guide

Blow everyone’s Christmas stockings off with Viva!’s deliciously vegan recipe guide! Over 25 recipes including scrumptious starters, luscious mains, tempting sides and heavenly desserts, not forgetting truffles, Christmas cakes and cheese!


Vegan Christmas Cards

Our vegan-themed Christmas cards are sprout of this world! Share a message of compassion and kindness this Christmas, while supporting a vegan charity. Make your festive gifts go even further!


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Did you know that turkeys don’t just say ‘gobble, gobble’? They have over 30 distinct vocalisations, including ‘yelps,’ ‘purrs,’ and ‘kee-kees’. Turkeys can even recognise each other by their unique voices!

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