Aquatic Wildlife


Find out everything you need to know about crabs. From their natural lives to how they are farmed and killed.

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Fish are a diverse species able to feel pain and suffering and have a desire to live, just as humans do. Find out how they live, how they are caught and how they are killed.

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Lobsters are a family of ten-legged crustaceans who can be found in every ocean on the planet. They can feel pain and many suffer brutal deaths for food.

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Prawns and Shrimp

Prawns and shrimp are not covered under any welfare protection laws in the UK. Legally, they are not even considered animals. Read more about their natural lives and how they are farmed and killed.

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Turtles are fascinating, ancient, wonderful animals – critical to their ecosystem. Tragically they are still traded worldwide for their meat, eggs, skin and shells – and as pets. At least 60% of turtle and tortoise species are either vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered.

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