Justine Butler – Head of Research

Justine Butler's picture

Dr Justine Butler first joined Viva! in 2005 as a health campaigner producing ideas for and organising health and nutrition-based campaigns, publicity events, press launches and giving media interviews.

Her background combines her passion for both food and science – she holds a PhD from Bristol University in Molecular Biology, and a BSc from the University of the West of England in Biochemistry, a Diploma in Nutrition and writes her own food blog.

Justine has worked on many health campaigns including Viva!’s groundbreaking White Lies campaign which challenged the notion that cow’s milk and dairy foods are natural and healthy for humans. As well as writing numerous scientific reports, guides and factsheets for Viva!, Justine has had an extensive list of articles published in national and regional newspapers as well as health and trade journals.

Currently head of research at Viva! Justine’s role has expanded to include research on health, animals and the environment. She provides updates on the latest research, keeping the Viva! team informed of new developments as they happen. As a long-term vegan, Justine is committed to sharing her experience and knowledge to help people make their journey towards going vegan.

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