Jess Nagji-Nunn – Executive Assistant to Director

Jess with goat at sanctuary

Jess started working at Viva! in June 2019, after first volunteering for 9 months. Her role as Executive Assistant to Juliet Gellatley, Founder and Director of Viva!, entails a wide range of tasks from proof-reading leaflets to contacting printers and publishers, to making arrangements for events, to writing blogs and attending outreach events. The variety is one of the things Jess loves most about the job.

Jess became vegetarian aged ten. She was lucky enough to grow up around lots of animals and it was very obvious that they felt the same emotions as us – it was easy to recognise fear, hunger, excitement, boredom, irritation, contentment, mischievousness or exhaustion – and they were her friends, and playmates. Then, at fourteen, she came across an animal rights’ stand at a festival and learned of the cruelty inherent in the dairy industry and that was it: instant vegan!

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