Fiji Willetts

Fiji joined Viva! as a Schools and Universities Campaigner in August 2023 after volunteering in their campaign The True Costa Dairy.

Having graduated with a foundation degree in Integrated Wildlife Conservation, her role encompasses creating and launching campaigns aimed at school and university students with the aim of raising awareness and increasing the number of students adopting a vegan lifestyle.

She went vegan at the age of thirteen after her family adopted a flock of chickens and she realised the immense suffering that farm animals like her hens were subjected to. After this realisation, Fiji stopped consuming all animal products and has followed a vegan lifestyle since.

Fiji enjoys spending time with animals at every opportunity; if she isn’t in the garden with her ducks and chickens, on a walk with her dog Cleo, or sat in the front room with her cockatiels, guaranteed you’ll find her deep in thought painting or sketching… Again, likely of animals.

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